Restore My Active Desktop

Active Desktop was a technology powered by Windows XP, transfiguring your desktop workspace into the active environment much like a Web page. Due to low popularity of this feature, later versions of MS Windows were discarded Active Desktop, focusing instead on other interface advancements.

If you are still using Windows XP, the system itself has up to no methods of backing up and restoring Active Desktop. And if you have a question such as “How I can restore my Active Desktop after a crash or hardware changes?”, this is one solution existed: use the third-party backup environment.

Native Method to Restore My Active Desktop

Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7 are working together to provide restoration for Active Desktop environment. Nevertheless, there are many complains from users that the button “Restore My Active Desktop” is completely no operational.

To fix this problem, you can find the solution in the Internet by searching answers on questions like “Restore My Active Desktop”. You must be warned, however, the fix requires operations with Windows Registry, and these operations may be completely unsafe.

How I Can Restore My Active Desktop via Handy Backup?

No problems. Just copy the content of your Active Desktop settings using the “Computer” feature of Handy Backup. Any time you will restore this backup content, your Active Desktop environment will be restored, too.

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Please read the User Manual to explore how to make the backup and restoration tasks in Handy Backup. As the Active Directory backup is a complex data, we are strongly recommending you using the restoration task instead of manual copying where it is possible.

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