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The market for USB flash drives has grown very popular over the past several years. Any computer user can transport files from one computer to another with significant ease, using this lightweight, user-friendly and compact information carrier. For a serious flash drive user, this may involve up to two gigabytes of media storage being transported at a time.

Can the user be certain that once they arrive at their destination, that their Flash Drive will reliably transport information from one computer to the next? What if this conveniently compact unit is too small to account for and is lost or stolen? Consider this scenario:

I was working as businessman for an International Corporation, and was often traveling from my office in the States to offices in different countries. I needed to transport work done at one office to the others, so I always carried my USB flash drive with me. Suddenly, one day I noticed that I had lost my flash drive from my belongings while rummaging through some items at the airport. I was devastated; all of my recent files were lost and irretrievable.

The unfortunate businessman used the USB flash as if a tiny PC, onto which it was possible to transport every completed document, without need to save onto any particular computer.

Resolving a solution to this problem, a user may choose to backup their USB files on some additional form of media. We at Novosoft recommend our USB backup software - Handy Backup for the fulfillment of this task. The unfortunate businessman would have been worry free using the product, because it would have preserved an up-to-date copy of all of the significant documents on each computer that was utilized. With Handy Backup, you can synchronize between your computers while using your flash drive, maintaining a synchronicity of contemporary files; that is, as soon as you introduce a modified version of a file already backed up, Handy Backup will prompt you to choose which version to retain in backup status. If the businessman retained backups of contemporary versions of all transported files on the system that they were composed on, there would not have been any risk of data loss in the unfortunate loss of hardware in transit. Users of Handy Backup will enjoy its user-friendly interface and affordable cost, coupled with the certainty that the files you synchronize between computers by USB flash hardware will be protected under all circumstances.

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