Windows Registry: File Location, Repair

Windows Registry Backup

Handy Backup has an option allowing backing up and restoring Windows registry, the system dataset containing all parameters for Windows and applications settings and keys. Backing up this dataset allowing users restoring a spoiled registry file or migrating all settings to another place.

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What is a Windows Registry

A registry is a sort of database. In modern Windows environment, the registry is not a single file; instead, Windows registry file location is a bunch of folders and files called “hives” and distributed among the file system. This structure makes a manual Windows registry access too tough.

To repair, copy or restore Windows registry files you can use a program allowing automated registry saving, for example, Handy Backup. This program will automatically detect any Windows registry location and access to any data stored in it to back up or restore these data.

How to Find a Particular Windows Registry Key Location?

To modify or delete a particular entry, you can access Windows registry data using a built-in Windows tool called regedit, or apply some third-party instrument to manipulate with Windows registry files. We strongly recommend backing up all registry files before making any changes!

Windows Registry and Active Directory Technologies

One day, Active Directory was a technology provided by Microsoft for interactive data management. It was partially replace a registry for some data management operations. This technology should not be confused with registry. Nowadays, Active Directory is obsolete; do not use it.

Features of Registry Backup

Any program backing up Windows registry must provide some functions both to user convenience and to set an adequate level of stability and reliability for performed operations. These are crucial requirements for such software listed here:

  • Automation. User must not be obligated to seek or to provide manually any Windows registry location data; the program must search and process these data automatically.
  • Security. The program must provide some control over security aspects of registry backup, e.g. re-performing missed tasks, informing users about results and encrypting data.
  • Flexibility. Due to different necessities for using registry backups, a registry backup solution must be able to keep backup data in many different places, from USB pen drives to clouds.

Handy Backup is a perfect Windows registry backup software, containing all the possibilities described above (and many other functions) just out-of-the-box!

Managing Backup of Windows Registry Files

With Handy Backup, the action is simple. Just select a “Registry” tool to add the Windows registry access into a set of data backed up by any particular task. Handy Backup will do all other things automatically. The same is true for restoration tasks, too.

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