How can I restore a specific file?

Handy Backup allows restoring any individual file or folder that are included in any existing backup or restore task.

This is done through the Task View and the File View windows:

  1. In the Task View window, select the task that includes files you want to restore.
  2. In the File View window, select the desired files. To select an item not present in the root folder, double-click a folder that contains it, and then do the selection procedure. To select multiple items, use standard Windows selection methods (CTRL to select a single task, SHIFT to select a row of consecutive tasks, etc.).
  3. Note: If the backup set was formed with the use of backup presets, such as or , this method cant be used. Create a separate restore task instead.

  4. Right-click on any of the selected items to open the shortcut menu, and then click Restore.

The procedure of restoring separate files and folders through the File View Window doesnt allow you to perform restoration to locations different than those defined in the task. If want to change restore location for your data, edit the task, or create a separate restore task.

If the task contains a disk image, the File View window will display a folder named Devices. Handy Backup currently doesn’t support restoring individual files from a drive image backup, so you can only restore a partition as a whole.

To learn more about restoring single files, refer to Restoring Separate Files and Folders in the User Manual.

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