How can I restore a specific file or folder?

To restore a separate file or folder from a backup set, please make a new recovery task. On Step 3, "Select restore location", click "Deselect all" to remove all files from a recovery list.

Now use the left panel for file browsing and find a file or folder that you need. Mark a checkbox against a name of this item. Note that when you mark a subfolder, it will also mark all items inside this subfolder, both files and folders.

Selecting specific files and folders from the backup to restore with Handy Backup

Changing Recovery Location

In the advanced task wizard mode, you can also select a new recovery location for a separate file or folder. To do it, please use the next instruction:

  1. Create a new restoration task and select an advanced wizard mode on Step 1.
  2. Select a recovery dataset and go to Step 3, "Select Restore Locations".
  3. Select a single file or folder as described above.
  4. Click "Change Location" to open a new location dialog.
  5. Select a new location for data recovery.
    • Some plug-ins (e.g., MS Outlook or MS Exchange) do not accept changes for recovery location. You must always restore data from these plug-ins to original places.
    • You can also recover some complex data types (such as databases and virtual machines) into a new location, but only under the same plug-in. For example, you can recover a MS SQL Server database to another MSSQL server only.

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