In this section you can learn about other products and services based on Handy Backup:

  • Disaster Recovery. Disaster Recovery is a separate module of the software, that can be installed on a USB drive and used for restoring system after major failures. It comes with four utilities: backup and recovery, antivirus, partition manager, and file undelete tool.
  • Online Storage Service. Handy Backup Online is a cloud service that lets you store data in a distributed storage system physically located on our secured servers in San Diego, CA.
  • Console Client. This is an alternate client software that lets you control the program’s tasks using a command line interface. It is very useful if you want to run backup and synchronization from third-party applications or scripts.
  • Web Access. This is another alternate client software that is integrated with a web server, and allows controlling tasks over the Internet.

You can learn about these solutions in the next chapters.

In this section:

Who uses our backup software?