General Information

This manual describes in detail the use of Handy Backup™. It contains complete information on all features and explains all principles of the software′s operation.

The manual consists of nine sections:

  1. General Information. In this section you can find general overview of the product′s strengths and target uses, legal and copyright information, and technical support contacts.
  2. Installation. The second section provides detailed instructions on installing, updating and uninstalling the software.
  3. Registration. This section describes all aspects of registration, upgrading and license management.
  4. Quick Start. In the fourth section you can find startup instructions on creating your first backup, restore and synchronize tasks.
  5. Managing Data. This is the core part of the manual that describes how to create tasks of different types, and gives general recommendations on setting up automated backups in different environments.
  6. *Technologies Behind the Software. The sixth section contains technical materials on Handy Backup′s architecture and principles of its work.
  7. User Interface. In this section you can learn what makes up the program′s user interface.
  8. Settings. In the eighth section you can find information about various settings.
  9. Extras. The final section describes Novosoft Remote Backup and other related services.

* Recommended reading for advanced IT users, technological partners and hardware manufacturers.

We hope that you find this manual useful and informative. To leave feedback and suggestions, or to report errors, please refer to Technical Support Contacts.

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