Other Services

Handy Backup uses other services to ensure it’s stable and efficient operation.


Volume Snapshot Service (VSS)


This technology works under NTFS file system and allows accessing to files and other disk data locked by other applications.

Using this service, Handy Backup 7 provides hot backup (i.e. backup without stopping any other data processing) for local disk data, including copying entire drive images.


Linux Knoppix


The Knoppix Linux is a special “portable” distributive of OS Linux requiring no installation on a computer or laptop. It has several built-in software packages (Internet browsers, file managers, text editors), that is necessary for fully utilizing all computer functions.

This system is the basic component for Handy Backup Disaster Recovery (HBDR) utility, designed for external re-installation of drive images saved by Handy Backup to a “bare” device, such as a new or recovered hard disk containing no OS.


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