1C:Enterprise plug-in

1C:Enterprise is the name of the accounting products of 1C company.

Number of solutions implemented under 1C is about half a million. System 1C:Enterprise does not have a localized English version, but it is widespread in CIS countries. Handy Backup has a plugin for working with 1C.

To make a backup, do the following:

1. Select Backup task in New Task Wizard.

2. Select 1C option option on step 2 of New Task Wizard.

1C Select Backup

3. Select data for Backup. There are two options:

  • Existing 1C configuration. You can select ready 1C data configutation.
  • New configuration. Click onto the create a connection… string, or select it and click OK.
1C Backup Configuration

4. Set up other parameters and click OK. Your backup is ready.


To restore 1C form backups, follow this instruction:

  • Open New Task Wizard.
  • Select Restore task, and then click Next.
  • Find the index file (backup.hbi) located in the destination folder. Select it, and then click Next.
  • Select Restore Location.

You 1C files will be restored form backup.

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