1C plug-in

1C is the name of the accounting products of “1C” company. Number of solutions implemented under “1C” is about half a million. This system does not have a localized English version, but it is widespread in CIS countries.

To make a backup, do the following:

1. Select Backup task in New Task Wizard.

2. Select 1C option option on step 2 of New Task Wizard.

1C Select Backup

3. Select data for Backup. There are two options:

  • Existing 1C configuration. You can select ready 1C data configutation.
  • New configuration. Double click New configuration or select it and click OK.
1C Backup Configuration

4. Set up other parameters and click OK. Your backup is ready.


To restore 1C form backups, follow this instruction:

  • Open New Task Wizard.
  • Select Restore task, and then click Next.
  • Find the index file (backup.hbi) located in the destination folder. Select it, and then click Next.
  • Select Restore Location.

You 1C files will be restored form backup.

User Manual contents


Installing Standalone Version

Installing Server Version

Installing Workstation

Workstation Configuration


Quick Start

User Manual in PDF, version 7.1.2 (5.3 MB)

User Manual in PDF, version 6 (3 MB)

User Manual for v.6 (old version)

User Manual in PDF, version 7

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