Online Plug-in Configurations

To backup, restore, or synchronize data located at HBDrive, you need to create a configuration for the Online Backup plug-in. If you want to learn about HBDrive and creating an account, please refer to Handy Backup Drive (Online Storage Service).

The configuration dialog consists of the two tabs: General and Advanced.

Online Configuration: General

In a top field, enter a unique name for your particular online backup configuration.

On the General tab you can set up basic connection parameters to HBDrive.

Configuration of the Online Backup plug-in: General

These are the two self-explained fields:

  • User*
  • Password*

*These are required fields!

The "Create an account" button opens a browser window with a HBDrive registering page. You can register on a HBDrive manually by using the following URL:

Online Configuration: Advanced settings

With the Advanced tab you can set up advanced parameters of HBDrive connection, such as proxy data. Please note that plug-in proxy settings override the common proxy parameters of a program (please refer to the Proxy Settings article of this manual).

Configuration of the Online Backup plug-in: Advanced

These are the seven fields on this tab:

  • Proxy - the proxy server name
  • Port - the port number utilized
  • Type - HTTP, SOCKS4 or SOCKS5
  • User - username for a proxy
  • Password - user password for a proxy

If your proxy server doesn’t require authorization, leave User and Password fields empty.

The two other fields handle the plug-in reaction over the unexpected problems encountered.

  • Enable file transfer resume – if there is a connection problem, the program will automatically reconnect to the HBDrive servers and resume the work.
    • Number of attempts to resume
    • Delay between attempts, ms

To learn more about HBDrive, please refer to HBDrive (Online Storage Service).

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