Main Menu -> Server

The Server menu item allows controlling connections between a client and server in the Handy Backup Server Network.

The Server menu in Handy Bakup Server Network

To connect Handy Backup GUI to a server that is running as Windows service, please do the next:

  1. In the Server menu, select Connect.
Connect Handy Backup GUI to a server
  1. Enter the Coordinator hostaddress (a name or address of a PC which serves as the Management Panel for Handy Backup Server Network), and select Server name.
  2. Enter your login and password, and then click the Connect button.
  3. After finishing tuning up the Windows service, it will restart.

To disconnect from a server, in the Server menu select Disconnect.

In this menu, you will also find the Run Centralized install item. It allows you deploying pre-configured Network Agents to remote machines. Read more about Centralized Installation of Network Agents.


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