Linux Compatibility Updated

Linux Compatibility

January 19, 2017

Dear customers! We are proudly presenting you the newest feature of Handy Backup 7, allowing using it natively for either local or remote computers running under OS Linux! This function already exists for network solution, and now the local machines using Linux can run Handy Backup 7 with a full spectrum of functions and plug-ins available.

Both Server and Workstation components have native support for OS Linux, requiring no extra software to run. The third component, Handy Backup Client, supports a classical-looking Windows GUI comprehensible to all users, via the Wine emulator allowing running graphical interfaces on Linux as smoothly as on traditional Windows-based machines!

Features of Linux Compatibility

Handy Backup allows simultaneous or separate installation of Server and Workstation components on a Linux-based computer. It utilizes the standard *.deb package format for most popular Debian/Ubuntu distributives. A user can download these packages from our website and install to a local or network Linux machine. If a user needs for a third part of a solution, Handy Backup Client, this also requires installing the standard Wine emulator.

Controlling the Linux Application

Handy Backup allows the three methods of controlling for Linux-based tasks:

  • A local command-line interface;
  • A remote Management Panel located on a Windows machine connected by network;
  • A local GUI governed by the Handy Backup Client utility running under Wine software.

Each of these methods requires only a minimal configuration before using, allowing quick, smooth and comprehensible running Handy Backup on the Linux machines. All features, tools and methods of Handy Backup are fully available under Linux, too.

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