Version 7.9.9: Improved Network Agents Utility

January 24, 2018

Dear customers! We are releasing a new version 7.9.9 of our Handy Backup solution! The main improvements of this new version are the renewed graphical utility for setting up Network Agents, which can provide a hostname and a port for a new Agent via the GUI, and an option of storing these data in the dedicated workstation.hbl file, instead of a registry.

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Improved Network Agent Configuration

Since this version, the program stores the hostname and port data for exchanging between the Management Console and the Network Agent in the file called workstation.hbl, instead of the system registry. To configure the port and the hostname, the Network Agent setup GUI provides the two appropriate fields on the "Management Console information" pane during setup.

Another addition is a possibility of providing a port address for a Network Agent to use with a Management Console in a GUI when pre-configuring a Network Agent installation file.

Configuring a new Network Agent

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