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Key Features of Handy Backup (PDF)
A Common Graphical User Interface to Back up All Databases0.299 MB
Optimizing Backup Strategy by Scheduling and Triggering Tasks0.298 MB
Preserving Native Data Format when Keeping Backups0.595 MB
Time Stamp Backup Feature for Versioned Backup0.443 MB
Saving System Images in a VHD Format0.078 MB
Oracle Backup with Handy Backup (PDF)
Backing Up Oracle Databases with Handy Backup0.808 MB
The Overview of Handy Backup Oracle Plug-in0.374 MB
Oracle Backup Tool for Companies Using Oracle-based Solutions0.323 MB
Including Handy Backup in Oracle-based Distribution Package0.357 MB
Utilizing Handy Backup Oracle Feature for IT Service Providers0.266 MB
Handy Backup Use Cases (PDF)
SBS 2011 Backup: How to Save Your Data Using Microsoft Small Business Server Technology0.061 MB
Daily Off-Site Backup of SQL Data from Windows 2008R2 Server0.392 MB
Backing up QuickBooks Data0.448 MB
Sync Files via FTP to Reflect Client Updates0.423 MB
Backing up AutoCAD Projects from Cloud0.450 MB
Backing up Microsoft Great Plains / Microsoft Dynamics GP0.331 MB
How to Backup Time Sensitive Data in Small Office for Quick Restoration of Individual Files0.297 MB
Regular SQL Online Backup0.399 MB
Automatic data antivirus check before & after the backup / restoration (PDF)
Removing Potential Threats from Backups with Kaspersky Antivirus0.385 MB
Auto-Cleaning Viruses from Backups with AVG Antivirus0.394 MB
Removing Possible Viral Threat from Backups with Avira0.432 MB

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