How to Backup

It is important to be sure that your data is adequately secured. Backups grant peace of mind and allow quickly restoring data should something nasty happen, like a virus attack, a hard disk crash or an unintentional file erasure.

In this section you can find many useful articles devoted to the question of backup. These papers should not only inspire to back up data for storage, convenience and security, but also to inform how to make your backups reliable and effective.

General Instructions on How to Back up

"Backup How-To′s" Series

"Backup How-To′s" is a series of articles discussing methods and strategies of organizing computer data protection. These articles will be of great interest and use for PC users of all levels, from those who use computers at home to system administrators in large commercial enterprises.

The series consists of ten articles:

  1. Why Ever Back Up Data?
  2. Pros And Cons of Backup Software
  3. Free Backup vs. Commercial Backup
  4. Appropriate Storage for Your Backups
  5. Home Data Backup
  6. Home Backup: Hard Disk Imaging and Cloning

How to Backup Data of Different Types

Pros and Cons of Backing up to Different Media

Handy Backup provides a full range of functions to organize reliable and effective data protection on whatever computer. It allows automating all backup processes in any environment: from home computers to enterprise networks. To learn more, please refer to the full list of backup features.

This library is constantly updated: articles are added almost every week; many of them are in a “pre-release” state so please check by frequently.

If you would like to receive an answer about any backup related question which is not listed here, please send your requests at and we will react as soon as possible.

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