How to Choose Between Xcopy Backup Scripts and Software

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Xcopy backup scripts seem to be intended for those interested in feeling safe about their data. But, at least once, these users definitely have come across modern backup & restore software market. Nowadays, this niche has to compete for users’ attention with the growing amount of the free Server 2008 backup scripts online.

Let’s try to find out why should anyone reject the proprietary solutions for the professional data reserving.

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The Reasons to Start With Xcopy Task Scheduler

One of the reasons is, of course, you do not have to pay money for these kinds of solutions. Every script is available on-line, where it can even be somehow maintained. If you are lucky enough, you can even get support directly from the incremental backup script developer, though the resolving of your problem can’t be guaranteed.

The lack of trust for the proprietary software from the user community should also be viewed as a reason. Server 2008 backup script users tend to think the companies are only interested in making as much money as they can, without paying attention for the what the users really need. While this is true for some, it’s definitely not for the others (in fact, giving users what they really need IS the best way to make money).

Epic Battle: Handy Backup vs Xcopy Backup Scripts

Even with all the reasons above, the proprietary software does deserve its niche in our lives, and the current one has to be expanded greatly. It seems unlikely for anybody, who has tried the professional-developed software, to come back to the Xcopy task schedulers. However, today the non-free solutions definitely are not getting the credit they deserve.

The situation NEEDS to be changed, and Handy Backup is accepting the challenge. Right now we are going to show you that our product easily does everything the popular scripts do, but our solutions are far more powerful and handier.

We do so by letting you download one of the famous on-line Xcopy backup scripts as well as the newest Handy Backup. By this you can compare both approaches and choose the only one, which suits you best.

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.2.0, built on 30 September 2020
110 MB

For instance, let’s explore the features of XCOPY TEMPLATE batch script intended for updating folders.

The source code is right here: download XCOPY backup script

Note: this script was not tested by Novosoft. Please understand the risks as you decide to use it.

What the script does: automatical updates of your data, but requires the file locations update first.

Script author: Wesil, Administrator at Strickland Propane.


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