Large Data Copying: Big Files, Long Path Names, and More

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Backup of big files (up to 4 GB) is one of the most asked-for features of a current backup software for business and/or home usage. Why is it so?

Backup Of Big Files

In many ways it is caused by specificity of most commonly backed up files. For business this is server data: entire server settings, or particular apps (databases, mail archives, and others). All these apps have deployed file structures (up to thousands of directories and million of files) and high volume per single file (up to several GB). For home users the most “popular” for backup files are media (photo, video, music) archives - large amounts of files.

So backup of big files is really asked-for feature for current backup software, and Handy Backup team is glad to present advanced options for backing up large files in the Handy Backup 7. Let’s examine them.

Handy Backup Standard

Version 8.2.0, built on 30 September 2020. 110 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

Backup of big files is significant for both home and business data backup. This feature is included in every edition of Handy Backup. Start your data backup with Standard edition now!

Typical Problems of Large Data Backup: Long Path Names, File Number Limitation, and Others

There are some typical problems of big files backup. Let’s learn, how Handy Backup features can manage them.

file number limitation

Problem: Limitation for backup large amounts of files

Description: The most current backup solutions limit file number to transfer for a single session (limit is around 1 million files). But current business apps have a deployed file structure with many optional files. For example, to back up entire Windows system you should copy on the average around 2 millions files.

Solution: The unlimited file number for a single backup session. Copy as many data as you need!

storage volume capacity issues

Problem: Transfer of big files: storage volume capacity issues

Description: Backup of big files requires a big storage volume - this is clear for everyone. So if your file volume is measured with hundreds of GBs,“traditional” medium-volume storage media (such as tapes, CD/DVD, and others) will not be appropriate for such big files backup.

Solution: Handy Backup solves this problem in two ways:

  • Developing the direction of backup on high-volume (measured in Terabytes) storage types: Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, and NAS.
  • Various solutions for online backup (as backup to storage with practically unlimited capacity): backup to Novosoft Online and Amazon Cloud services.

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.2.0, built on 30 September 2020
110 MB

long path names

Problem: Backup of files with long path names

Description: Some backup solutions limit number of letters that may be entered in the “Path name” field (usually there is a 250-260 letters limit). It can lead to problems with backing up deployed file systems (OS, databases): some files can be missed during copying process because of their too long path names.

Solution: Unlimited length of the file path.

High resource-intensity for transfer of big files

Problem: High resource-intensity for transfer of big files

Description: Backup of large files requires much resources (like memory, for example), so it can considerably pull up your computer working (and sometimes it can lead to a forced server downtime).

Solution: Handy Backup performs backup of large amounts of data in the background economical mode which can reduce a memory usage for a backup of big files.

So, as you can see, Handy Backup 7.0 can perform backup of big files smart. Upgrade your Handy Backup to the newest version - and get beneficial solution for your business or home backup needs.


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