Converting Backup File Format: File Filtering, Backing up with Command-line and More

Backup File Format Converter

Backup file format converter options are the key to the truly user-oriented backup software secret: unlimited customization. An important part of such customization is integration of backup with other processes and easy browsing the backed up data. Check Handy Backup, the right data backup software with a backup file format converter inside.

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Once you have the right data backup software, you get the chance to set the functionality due your personal needs, should those be home or business backup ones. Let’s see how software manages file format conversion and how awesome the benefits are.

Converting Backup File Format for the Command-line

Take the command-line backup converter filter. With the use of it, you can place a backed up file into a temporary folder and initiate the file path as a command-line parameter for an app.

For example, you can encrypt or compress your backup data with an external archive manager, automatically check the data for viruses (with the anti-virus software), browse a backed up video with a media player, and much more.

Converting Backup File Format Plus VSS

Speaking of encryption. Since the featured utility is a Volume Shadow Copy backup software, you don’t have to convert or do any other sort of stuff with encrypted data in order to back it up. Even if the files are locked with a password or another application, they are accessible for backup.

The backup file format converter works perfectly well with all types of data, from mp3 files to SQL server databases. All filter settings are in a XML file which can be accessed and modified in commercial versions (not available for trial users, sorry).

File Format Backup Converter and Even More

Thus, with the functionality of a backup file format converter, options for integrating the software with other apps, easy-to-use Software Development Kit for developing new features, Handy Backup is probably the most powerful yet flexible software solution for backing up safely.

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Handy Backup Professional

Version 8.1.2, built on 21 February 2020 . 106 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 89 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

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