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Saving SQL server data to another location, user can manipulate with all parts of vital content linked to the particular SQL server instance. Specialized SQL server data tools user saving databases, stored procedures, personal settings and system parameters of any SQL server.

Handy Backup is a professional database backup software that can back up your DBMS to any types of media and servers, including local and external HDDs, CD/DVD, FTP locations (with secure authorization through MD4/MD5 passwords), SFTP servers, and other.

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What are SQL Server Data?

The main type of SQL server data is a database, the complex structure containing data, procedures, rules and settings. When you save a database, you will save all of these data components instantly.

Some SQL server engines, like MS SQL, unifying these data a bit more than others, but the overall logics still the same for all the database engines existed. Let us explain the sorts of database components more precisely, to let you plan which of these data to be copied.

  • Tables. A backbone of SQL database, tables contain organized and structured data of some types, divided into unified records and rows of different data types. These records is a main source of the SQL data.
  • Stored procedures. This is a sort of programs or utilities especially designed or adapted to work with the particular database content, performing routine actions over the database tables. Written on SQL, these procedures are the integral part of the database, too.
  • Settings. Any database has some unique settings, such as the list of users having a right to modify or even read this particular database. Obviously, these settings are also the part of the database linked to these settings and regulations.

Handy Backup can save data from any SQL server DBMS using the dedicated data source option or generic Database feature along with an ODBC driver. All SQL Server data types can be saved as parts of the database or, perhaps, independently.

Note that you can save SQL server data or settings used by third-party utilities, such as external DBMS managers, only as parts of saving content from these dedicated tools, not from the SQL database or DBMS information.

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