Free FTP Client: Online Portable or Installed Software

Free FTP client is a software that you can use for transferring files using FTP protocol. There are different types of clients. What client is best for you depends upon your own requirements. You can download it on your computer or use online client.

There are a lot of free solutions but if you want you can download commercial tools for managing you data with FTP. If you want free secure FTP client you also can choose one that works with SSH.

Free FTP clients

As you can see there is no solution that can satisfy need of every customer. But there are some popular free open source clients that may help you:

  • Filezilla
  • Fire FTP
  • WinSCP

Free Online FTP Client

There is another type of Free FTP client: online client. Then you not at home and can’t use desktop version of ftp client you just need to go to the website and use web based version of client and receive an access to your files placed on FTP.

There is the list of free Online clients:

  • JavaFTP
  • Net2FTP
  • SmoothFTP
  • Web to FTP

Free FTP Client vs Browser

What is better: FTP connection via your browser or access to FTP using specialised software? Specialists may say that client for FTP is more versatile and strong. But if you only need to connect to FTP without conducting some complicated operations you don’t need to install another piece of software on your computer.

Free Portable FTP Client

Some of clients (even free open source solutions as Filezilla) has its own portable versions. That mean that your server list and settings of your FTP can be placed on, for example, USB and you can use on any computer you want or need.

Free FTP Client Timeout Settings

The other advantage of the specialised FTP software is that that you can change timeout settings. It can be important for experienced users. Timeout detection defends you from unexpected loss of connection that in some cases may ruin your work of whole day.

FTP Client and Server

Finally, I’d like to add that FTP is also good way of your data backup. FTP backup is a wide term that depending on a context may mean backup from FTP or backup to FTP. You can try our backup solution for 30 days for free to learn more about advantages of FTP backup.

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