Can the program do a full system backup?

Handy Backup supports two principal types of backup:

  • System Recovery. With the help pf this tool you can create snapshots of an entire system image, saving it as the VirtualBox (VHD) image which can be opened for browsing files and other data.
  • Image backup. It is a feature of Handy Backup designed specifically to back up entire partitions or hard drives. It creates a complete copy of drive contents on a sector level, giving no regard to individual folders and files. There are two main limitations of image backup in Handy Backup:
    • The hard drive or partition that is going to be backed up has to remain unchanged during the backup process and shouldnt have any applications - including Handy Backup and operating system - running on it.
    • Disk imaging can’t be used with incremental backup, and hence requires more disk space and time for creation.

By default, the Image Backup and System Recovery features are included into the Professional edition of Handy Backup. If you want to use them within the functionality of our Standard edition, you need to order them as an additional backup upgrade.

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