How can I restore a folder to another PC?

There are several ways to restore your backup to a different computer:

  1. Restore your backup to a shared folder on a networked PC. To do it, simply specify the remote folder as a destination of a restore task. Before you run it, make sure that you have the privileges to write new files in that folder.
  2. Grant the second computer network access to the folder that contains your backup and Handy Backup index file. Install Handy Backup on that computer. Create a new restore task which will use the backup on the first computer as a source of data (i.e. select index file in a networked folder). By default, the destination folder will have the same path as it was on the original computer. If you want to restore data to a different folder, specify it on Step 3 of restore task creation. For more detailed instruction, refer to Restoring Data in the User Manual.
  3. Use Handy Backup Server Network - an enterprise backup edition of Handy Backup which is designed to manage backups in a corporate network. To restore a backup to a network workstation, this workstation must have client software (Backup Network Workstation) installed on it. To learn more, please refer to Network Editions in the User Manual.

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