Backing up IIS Metabase

Back up IIS metabase, please! Following this simple advice might be a strategy vital to restoring as much as an entire server! How is that? Grasp your Handy Backup below, read on, and let your servers be data-loss-proof (and don’t forget to share your IIS backup experience with the Handy Backup community).

Backing up ISS metabase is a perfect illustration of how awesome the acclaimed yet drastically underestimated strategy "Back up your everything!" might be. When you copy an entity, always take your time to analyze what you would need to restore backup, the extended version of the advice would be. So, let’s see the piece of wisdom working for IIS metabase restore then.

What Is IIS Metabase?

The thing stands for Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration values. Practically, this is a plaintext XML file with a bunch of server settings inside. As your IIS deployment grows, so does the metabase. Thus, a situation when you have tons of configuration information stored to the IIS metabase is a rather common one.In view of the above said, here go the two notions super important for server data protection.

Notion 1: you will not restore the backed up server unless you copied the metabase too (unless you want a server without any configuration which you could spend eternity upon, re-configuring).

Notion 2: your IIS metabase can get corrupted just any other file (or even with a higher possibility, as the world is an unfair place). So, to prevent losing your server configuration, you need to get the thing copied to a secure storage place.

How to Back up IIS Metabase

The super intuitive instruction:

  • Get Handy Backup, the meaningful software.
  • If you know where the IIS thing is, go there and drag it into "What to back up". If you lack the knowledge of the location, use search filters.

That’s it!

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Happy restoring!

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