Handy Backup —Ālient is the interface to the server (designed to simplify the configuration, as well as for monitoring or even perform data management). Client has the direct access to the files and folders via the Workstation and Server Agents.

Users can utilize the two clients for Handy Backup: the GUI client and the Console client (both included in the distributive). It is possible to run any client program for Handy Backup, because client doesn’t have any kernel’s function. It’s used to setup the program, controlling the functionality and results.

GUI client

The GUI (graphical user interface) is a technology that allows users to control the system through a graphical interface that includes graphical icons and visual indicators. This technology is quite different from the old text clients where all the commands are entered from the keyboard via the command line.

The GUI client is the first and main client for Handy Backup. The graphical client allows users to connect remotely to the server, manage and start tasks, analyze the results. It’s also simplifies the registration and configuration of the application.

Console client

The command-line client allows users to view a list of the tasks and to start/stop them, delete tasks, turn off Handy Backup Server, register the program.

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