Using Security Keys for SFTP

To back up data using SFTP, please follow the next instruction:

  1. Check your SFTP connection using any external SFTP client. E.g. in FileZilla, enter the server IP address, your login and password, port number; then press “Quickconnect”.

    If connection is successful, continue; else remove connection problems and try the test again.

Testing STFP connection with FileZilla client application

  1. Next you must authorize in Handy Backup using a pair of private and public keys. For example, you can use the following sequence with the PuTTYgen utility:

    1. Open PuTTYgen and press “Generate”. Move mouse cursor to and fro in the dedicated area; then save your new key using “Save private key” option.
    2. Then select “Conversions”. Choose the “Import key” option (File -> Load private key). Copy the generated public key to the “Public key” field in Handy Backup SFTP configuration dialog.

    Generating the pair of keys via PuTTYgen

    1. Now choose “Export open SSH key”. Save the key to the file.
    2. Open Handy Backup and select SFTP (as the data source or backup vault). Click “New configuration” to continue.
    3. These are four tabs on the configuration window, called “General”, “Authentication”, “Proxy” and “Advanced”. Let us start with “General” tab. (Other tabs are described in previous chapter.)
    Configuration of the SFTP plug-in: General

    1. On the “General” tab, enter the IP address of the SFTP server. Switch to the “Authentication” tab. Enter the user name.
    Configuration of the SFTP plug-in: Authentication

    1. Copy the public key generated by PuTTYgen to the “Public key” field in Handy Backup SFTP configuration dialog.
    2. Open the key file using Notepad or any other text editor. Copy all the content to the “Private Key” field in Handy Backup SFTP configuration dialog.
    3. Press the “Test connection” button to validate SFTP parameters.

Note: Different key-generation utilities uses different algorithms for creating private and public keys. If you are following all instructions but can’t connect the SFTP server using Handy Backup, you may use PuTTYgen as default keygen utility.

HelpIf you have troubles with SFTP connection please send us E-mail, informing us about your key generation software and about the results of using PuTTYgen, on

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