Mirror Backup Software for Folders and Hard Drives

Mirror backup software provides identity of contents of two locations by synchronizing them. Unlike one-way approaches, where you need to distinguish source and destination, mirroring works for both sides equally.

To perform mirror backup, you need to use specialized software, such as Handy Backup.

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Mirror Backup Software

Advantages of Using Handy Backup for Mirror Backup

Data Mirroring

Mirror Backup Software for Files and Folders

The synchronization function of our software can work in many ways: choosing direction lets you copy files from the first location to the second, from the second to the first, or mirror-back-up HDDs mirror-back-up HDDs or folders.

Mirroring Databases and Virtual Machines

Mirroring Databases and Virtual Machines

Despite you cannot mirror database or a virtual machine as a simple bunch of folders and files, you can mirror or clone a database or a VM by making a sequence of automatic backup and recovery.

HDD Cloning

Mirroring Hard Drives

You can mirror contents of two HDDs, simply by selecting root drive letter as a folder for synchronization, or perform complete hard drive cloning through using the disk image feature.

Using Mirror Backup Software

Mirror backup works through the Synchronization function, which exploits a files-based data transferring method. Files-based transferring means that the program can copy only the data that is represented in the file system as usual files and folders.

This limitation means that you cannot use this feature for hard drive cloning. However, creation of disk image can be done through using the image backup which is a different function.

Which Storage I Can Use for Mirror Backup?

Handy Backup supports many storage types eligible for mirror backup software processing, such as:

  • Local and external drives, network disks and folders, NAS units;
  • FTP data servers (for all editions), remote machines (for Server Network only);
  • Commercial and private clouds driven by S3 and WebDAV interfaces;
  • Popular cloud solutions, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and Box.
Storages for Auto Mirror Backup

Other Mirror Backup Software Features

We did our best to create professional software for both folder and complete hard disk mirroring:

  • Filtered Backup. You can specify file masks and back up files of selected types only, e.g. pictures or MS Word documents.
  • Scheduling. There is an easy-to-use scheduler, which allows you to perform backup daily, weekly, monthly, or in your own interval.
  • Easy Restoration. If data from either location is lost or corrupted, you can simply repeat the syncing, and the information will be restored from the other folder.

Mirror Backup Scheduling

Regularly using mirror backup software is a good way to protect important data from hardware failure. Creating a mirror backup task with our software is very quick and easy.

All you need to do is specify two locations, select synchronization direction, and choose how to treat files with identical names. This works on an intuitive New Task Wizard, which will guide you through all steps of task creation.

Review About Mirror Backup Software by Handy Backup

Review About Mirror Backup Software by Handy Backup

"I synchronize my laptop and Windows-driven iMac 20” by mirroring. Handy Backup does it with a beautiful simplicity, making tasks to sync all data and automatically performing all that need!"

Stewart Sadalsky, a software developer

Small Windows Logo Download for Free

Version 8.5.3 , built on March 5, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

Handy Backup is an ideal mirror backup software for computer users of all levels! Try now!

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