Version 7.7.6: Mixed Backup and Smarter Scheduler

January 26, 2016

Dear friends! We are glad to announce a release of a newest version of Handy Backup. The new version 7.7.6 provides a mixed backup function (consisting of a full backup followed by a chain of differential backups with declared length), and a smarter task scheduling algorithm.

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Version 8.3.5, built on May 6, 2022
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Mixed Backup

Mixed backup is a combination of a full backup and some differential backups the program made after it. A user can control the length of a chain of differential backups by setting a time or a quantity of differential backups made. After the chain expires, a new full backup will take place, and all the cycle will repeat again until reaching the length of a chain, and so on.

Mixed Backup

Optimized Scheduling Algorithms

The Handy Backup Team constantly raises the smoothness, the speed and the reliability for each part of its product. Thus, the version 7.7.6 contains a newer, smarter and highly optimized algorithm for scheduling backup and restoration tasks. With the changes and optimizations built in, a new algorithm provides faster and smoother job, with just the same user interface!

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