Version 7.7.7: Supporting New PostgreSQL 9.5, Standalone Hyper-V Hosts and Saving ACL Rights

March 01, 2016

Dear friends! The Handy Backup team presents a new Handy Backup update to version 7.7.7.

This version supports newest PostgreSQL 9.4-9.5 architectures, allows installing and operating standalone editions on Hyper-V hosts and backs up ACL (Access Control List) rights when creating copies of different data.

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Support for DBMS PostgreSQL 9.4 and 9.5


The PostgreSQL tool allows backing up data from PostgreSQL natively, saving databases of any size. To enhance these capabilities, a new version 7.7.7 contains a full-scale internal support for PostgreSQL 9.4-9.5, allowing backing up these data with the utmost effectiveness.

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Using Standalone Editions on Hyper-V Hosts

Starting from version 7.7.7, Handy Backup allows installing standalone editions (such as Professional and Small Server) to some Hyper-V host server, performing all backup operations needed just as with a typical server or a workstation.

Imaging Disks and Partitions

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Keeping ACL Rights in Backup Copies

The version 7.7.7 allows copying access control list (ACL) rights for any data type backed up, preserving these ACL rights in saved copies. File systems allowing using ACL can apply these rights directly for backups. In other cases, these rights are restorable with an original dataset.

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