Version 8.0.1: Optimized Scheduling, New Czech Localization, Refined Cloud and Email Plug-ins!

April 29, 2019

Schedule Email and Cloud Backup

Dear friends! We are proud to tell you about our first update for a newest Handy Backup solution!

This update fixes a scheduling screen to display all starting and repeating times correctly, updates some email and cloud backup functions such as saving very big letters in Gmail, and provides a new Czech localization for a Handy Backup 8 graphical user interface.

Fixed Scheduling Display

This update fixes a representation problem where the "Every Day" repeating sequence selected during task creation was changed to "Once" on a display. (Despite that, a scheduler still works correctly, making a day-based repeating for such tasks.) In this update, we fix the problem, and you will always see "Every Day" in a task properties window after selecting this repeating mode.

Schedule automatic backup with Handy Backup

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Optimized Email and Cloud Backup

In the version 8.0.1 some cloud and email plug-ins bring updated functions, such as connection to WebDAV over HTTP protocol and a possibility to backup Gmail emails of very big size. These optimizations allow smoother and faster online backup but bring no changes in plug-in logic or interface, allowing using both new and existing tasks with equal effectiveness.

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Complete Czech Localization

The version 8.0.1 provides a full Czech localization for the Handy Backup 8 new GUI. It includes buttons, labels, text messages and other control items (except plug-in names, which are not translated by any localization of Handy Backup, to provide complete language compatibility and clearance).

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