Version 7.20: System-driven Restart for Windows Service!

December 26, 2018

Dear friends! We the Handy Backup Team are wishing you happy Christmas and proudly telling you about our new version 7.20 of Handy Backup!

In this new version, you will find a function of automated recovery for Windows service by standard OS control tools and a lot of other improvements including erasing a time-stamp checkbox when copying an existing task and a renewed E-mail plug-in with a function of saving mails with an ID greater than 999 999.

Email Backup Software

Auto Restart for Windows Service Mode

Since this version, you can use automatic or system-driven restart after crashing a program running as Windows service. This function simplifies administering process, especially if you must use several computers or an entire network.

Updated E-mail Plug-in

This plug-in for email IMAP backup is constantly updating, allowing more and more functionality for saving your emails directly from Web mail servers. Using the renewed E-mail plug-in, you can backup email with an ID greater than 999999, which can be very helpful for elder and well-established service accounts or for those people who send and receive many mails day to day.

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