Version 8.0.5: Optimizing Memory Consumption, Updated Localizations and Advanced Character Screening

August 20, 2019

Dear customers! Let us tell you that we are updating our popular Handy Backup software solution to the version 8.0.5!

In this update, Handy Backup provides much more efficient consumption of system memory for workstation process, with up to four or even five times economy.

It also contains an enhanced character screening system, allowing screening such system characters as an apostrophe (′) in file and folder names, and recovering these names correctly.

Finally, the new update contains some fixes and upgrades in Spanish, Brazilian and Slovenian localizations.

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Optimizing Memory Usage

In Handy Backup 8.0.5, the workstation process fixes some memory leaks linked to bulky data types, allowing much more efficient and flexible memory control. This advantage speeds up not only backup and recovery but an entire system with Handy Backup workstation running as a process.

It also provides some additional data security and prevents data overflow. The efficiency of a renewed memory engine allows reducing memory consumption for up to four or five times.

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Advanced System Character Screening

This new update for Handy Backup continues enhancing an engine for screening prohibited or system characters in file names. In particular, the renewed screening option eliminates problems with apostrophes in file and folder names, replacing these symbols with other character sequences during backup and then restoring file names in original form before recovering. This option eliminates system errors related to “incompatible” or “prohibited” characters.

Renewed Localizations

Small but valuable updates in such GUI localizations as Brazilian, Slovenian and Spanish language allow perfect display of all command words and terms, especially in part of using diacritic characters. For these languages, diacritic characters can bring semantic differences and Handy Backup 8.0.5 correctly displays all command and control components on mentioned languages.

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