Version 8.3.5: update the OpenSSL library and Dropbox plugin

May 04, 2022

Dear customers! New version of Handy Backup 8.3.5 is available for download.

We have optimized Handy Backup software. As the result of changes, time to make backup has decreased, backup process has become more efficient and stable: Optimization of OpenSSL library and Dropbox plugin update.

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Version 8.5.4 , built on June 13, 2024. 116 MB

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Backup and Restore Software - Handy Backup Version 8

Download and install Handy Backup 8.3.5 just now, to achieve a greater level of your data protection!

Optimization of OpenSSL library

The update of the library is carried out in time and on a regular basis for the purpose of more reliable data backup. The updated SSL certificate helps maintain security and privacy standards during user authentication with certificates.

Dropbox plugin update

Dropbox backup for cloud storage has been updated. Using Handy Backup version 8.3.5 will minimize the risks of connection interruption when copying data to the cloud service.

Please follow the instruction for updating a program in the User Manual, to ensure that all components of the program will upgrade properly. After completing the update process, just run your Handy Backup and use it for protecting all types of your crucial information!

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