Version 8.4.6.: Backup and restore disk image with Disaster Recovery on Windows PE

May 15, 2023

Disaster Recovery

Dear users, version of Handy Backup 8.4.6. available for download!

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Version 8.4.6, built on April 25, 2023
116 MB

To update Handy Backup one can for free at the link

The new version of Handy Backup has updated the Handy Backup Disaster Recovery (HBDR) tool for Windows PE.

Now you can create backups of hard drives and partitions regardless of the OS and use a bootable flash drive with HBDR to quickly restore data in case of a computer failure.

VMWare plugin fixed. The list of machines is displayed correctly when creating a backup task. The process of backing up VMWare virtual machines with a hard disk, which is divided into several files, has been improved.

Fixed displaying the time of the last launch of Handy Backup when changing time zones. Also added additional logging of file names in case of errors in the operation of the Computer plugin.

Encoding of the first window in the Handy Backup installer updated. As a result, when installing the backup program, users see the window with the welcome of the Handy Backup installation wizard correctly.

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