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Handy Backup is a perfect data synchronization solution, capable to sync data between two folders located on your PC, on an external device plugged into USB or stored on any popular network service including cloud services such as Windows Azure, OneDrive or Amazon S3.

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The Goal of Synchronization

Synchronizing data is an activity that can be divided by some types for implementation purposes:

Sync for cloning. One dataset is deliberately selected to be a clone of another (master) data array. Synchronizing between these datasets allows a clone to be an exact copy of an original. This can be useful for, say, cloning one database to another server.

Sync for coordinating. Instead of simply clone the dataset, this technique compares and merges the content of each dataset to another, merging it for both data arrays. By this way, computers, mobile devices, laptops and even servers can maintain a common set of actual data.

Sync for backup. Just an example of cloning, where data are synchronized for backing up, not for immediate using.

The Logical Implementations

By the criteria of an algorithm used, syncing data divides into three main methods:

Source overrides destination. This method completely replaces a destination dataset with source data.

Destination overrides source. Source data are renewed according to the information kept on the destination.

Merging datasets into an actual state. Both data sources are compared and the newer data from each source will be transferred to another. This method allows an optional programming, setting up an order of replacement for datasets with identical names.

The Dataset Parameters

The last method of grouping for different data synchronization solutions is the selection of datasets and devices that can be synchronized using a particular data synchronization utility. The most common datasets for syncing include:

Synchronize files between two folders

Synchronize files between two folders

This common type of synchronization is designed for keeping two folders identical. User can synchronize files over the Internet, via the network or cloud-linked folder like Google Drive, Skydrive, Azure or OneDrive local folder.

Synchronize files between drives

Synchronize files between drives

It allows maintaining an actual data state between the two drives, e.g. local and remote disk or local and network drive. User can also synchronize files to USB, plugging the external drive in some USB port for synchronizing data.

Synchronize files across multiple users

Synchronize files across multiple users

This implementation requires syncing between a particular folder that belongs to some user, and a common or shared folder where data from all users have to be collected. It can be useful for multi-user designs and projects.

Synchronizing between a mobile device and a PC unit

Synchronizing between a mobile device and a PC unit

Mobile synchronizing allows saving some valuable space on the mobile device (e.g. smartphone), keeping some important but not-too-frequently used data on the more storage-capable PC.

Handy Backup – The Unified Data Synchronization Software

Handy Backup is the fully-automated backup, restoration and data synchronization utility. It is capable to synchronize files under all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, as well as under any server edition of Windows.

Among the advantages of using Handy Backup for synchronizing files and folders are featured tools for synchronization of any data type including such options as:

  • Operating with local and network folders and storages;
  • Precise task scheduling;
  • Automated data selection;
  • High speed and reliability of synchronization job.
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Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 8.0.0, built on 4 March, 2019. 104 MB
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Handy Backup Standard

Every version of Handy Backup, starting with the most popular and affordable Handy Backup Standard, can synchronize your data, always keeping all your vital information in actual state.

How to Set Up Data Synchronization Task with Handy Backup

To create a task that will synchronize the files between two folders, please open Handy Backup, create a new task and select a synchronization task option on a Step 1. Then select first and second folders, set up synchronization parameters, scheduling time and other task options.

Selecting type of synchronization and advanced settings

All steps for creating a data synchronization task are described in details in the User Manual. Please see the manual for any specific question about synchronizing files and folders via Handy Backup.

Try Handy Backup as your personal data synchronization solution just now, downloading a completely free 30-day trial version with full set of functions available for backing up, restoring and synchronizing your information!

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.0.0, built on 4 March, 2019
104 MB

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