Organizing Best Data Backup Routine

We are kept being told about the importance of regularly backups. We hear all that scary things about billion dollar losses and wonderful stories how backup software saves lives.

But before you just go and buy any utility, it is highly recommended to come to understanding on the principal aspects of any backup plan, so you can get exactly what you need.

The whole backup process depends on so many nuances, which all contribute to its success, that it is nearly impossible to grasp them all. However, it is possible to describe the most important ones.

  1. At first you need to understand if you really need backups or no. There are cases when backing up is not a must. Learn about necessity of data backup.
  2. After you have realized the importance of backups, it is wise to spend some time analyzing your data and dividing it into several blocks that will be processed separately, with the use of different schedules and storage media. Learn how to analyze backup data.
  3. The next step is to choose what storage media you will use for your backups. There are a number of choices depending on size of your data, required level of security and other options. Learn how to choose media for data backup.
  4. Then it is time to determine the type of backup, i.e. different options how the files will be processed. Should you always back up the entire drive contents, or alternate it with incremental backups? Learn about types of data backup.
  5. Next, a backup schedule needs to be defined. Again, this is done depending on the backup set parameters and your goals. Learn about data backup scheduling.
  6. The last, but not least is to verify your backups in order to be always sure that you can restore it. This is crucial, as the whole purpose of backup is to supply a valid restored file. Learn about data backup verification.

Having gone through these steps, one may be ready to run his first backup. However, these steps are nothing more than guidelines, as one’s backups depends only on their own situation, and every person should have his own unique backup plan.

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