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It is impossible for modern businesses and government organizations to operate without computers. However, the use of computerized equipment creates additional risks, unusual to the more primitive methods of data processing.

For example, one serious problem is the risk of losing information due to a system failure in your computer. Considerably often, unpleasant situations emerge when people lose their data due to a temporary power outage or the intrusion of a virus into your computer.

In order to prevent these situations, the user must seek some sort of additional reserve of data storage. Such carriers that operate in this function are additional internal hard drives, or varying external devices (see the pages related to backing up to CDs, backing up to DVDs, backing up to USB and Flash, backing up to remote FTP-Servers and other). However, the procedure of copying data yourself can be very time consuming and still neglects the possibility of user error. It is justifiably more effective to copy files with the assistance of a specific program, used to create reserve copies of your files and restore lost information to the original sites.

The company Novosoft began working on the convenient and effective program Handy Backup, intended for the completion of this task. Although this product has been successful for many years on the market, the company is still working on its perfection and the release of new versions. Currently this product possesses a user-friendly interface and allows data storage to be transferred onto varies types of hardware. Handy Backup’s low price allows its purchase and use to everybody who is interested in dependable storage of their personal files.

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