MariaDB Database Engine - a Successor of MySQL

MariaDB database engine, created by former MySQL creator Monty Widenius. Called for Monty’s daughter name, Maria ("My" in "MySQL" is for My, Monty’s son), this modern, effective and relatively sleek database solution is a perfect successor of MySQL product line.

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MariaDB Backup

History of MariaDB Versions

Today, a couple of MariaDB stable versions are existed, leading by most modern builds of a major version 10. The MariaDB crew dispatch efforts on the efficiency, speed and stability of newest releases, as well as provide new and new possibilities for data storage engines.

MariaDB Backup and Its Differences with MySQL Backup

The main difference between MariaDB and MySQL is a much bigger list of storage engine options provided by MariaDB. Other differences touch some aspects of data organization, advancing the effectiveness of MariaDB engine.

As a result, Handy Backup provides a completely new data option for MariaDB backup and restoration, dedicated for taking most advantages from MariaDB internal and external technologies. This option provides “hot” and “cold” backup of MariaDB databases, located on the server or remotely.

Version Compatibility for MariaDB Feature

MariaDB backup and restoration option, provided by Handy Backup, can effectively work with any version of MariaDB software, including the current (on a moment of creating this article) version 10.1.6. No extra efforts or fees are required for using MariaDB feature for different versions of this DBMS.

MariaDB Backup Configuration

Creating Backup Tasks Using a MariaDB Feature

To learn how to set up MariaDB data-saving and restoring tasks in the most effective way, please learn the different articles on this site about MariaDB backup and MySQL data-keeping techniques. Also, please try Handy Backup with MariaDB and MySQL features, downloading a free 30-day trial.

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Version 8.5.4 , built on June 13, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

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