phpMyAdmin Definition

phpMyAdmin is a free web application that provides a convenient GUI for working with the MySQL database management system. It is the most popular MySQL administration tool that is used by millions of users worldwide and has won numerous awards and honors.

Written in PHP, it has all common functions that you may need when developing a MySQL-based application or website. It also gave birth to several similar products, for example phpPgAdmin which provides similar functionality for the PostgreSQL DBMS.

Overview of phpMyAdmin Capabilities

You can use phpMyAdmin for Windows or almost any other operating system ever existed. It can export and import database created and managed by MySQL DBMS, as well as work with some other data formats.

The list of supported formats includes SQL, CVS, CodeGen, CVS for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word 2000, JSON, LaTeX, MediaWiki Table, OpenDocument Spreadsheet, OpenDocument Text, PDF, PHP Array, Texy! Text and YAML data types.

General Features

With phpMyAdmin you can:

  • Create and remove users, manage user permissions
  • Create, alter and drop databases, tables, fields and rows
  • Search objects in the entire database or any particular tables
  • Import and export data in different formats, including SQL, XML and CSV
  • Monitor processes and track performance of different queries
  • Execute custom SQL queries
  • Back up your MySQL databases in manual mode

The tool is very simple to set up and use. It is usually installed on the same computer with MySQL database, so all commands are executed very quickly and don’t rely on network connectivity.

Administering MySQL DBMS

While phpMyAdmin is a perfect tool for browsing the database, managing user privileges and executing SQL queries, it can’t be considered a full-featured administration tool.

Administration expects you to not only be able to work with an object, but also deal with unpredictable situations, such as SQL injections, user mistakes and other cases of database corruption. Especially it touches the matter of automatic MySQL backup.

Data Backup Problems of phpMyAdmin

The export/import functionality of phpMyAdmin lacks a lot of the features that you would expect to find in a backup software solution:

  • Scheduling. With phpMyAdmin there is no way to export database data automatically.
  • Storage media support. Since phpMyAdmin is a web-based software, you can work with it via browser only. This means that you can save backups only to local drives available on your system, via the Save As... dialog of your browser.
  • Compression, encryption, and other options. The files exported with phpMyAdmin are saved as common text files, without any additional processing. Storing them in the original form usually occupies a lot of disk space, and is not secure.

Recommended Backup Solution

Handy Backup Small Business

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Handy Backup Small Server

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Dumping MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin

The good news about backing up MySQL tables with phpMyAdmin is that it saves data as database dumps, similarly to how Handy Backup and mysqldump work.

Resulting files can be used not only for disaster recovery, but also to conduct different experiments and migrate from MySQL to other database management systems. You can learn more about it on the MySQL Recovery feature page.

Download Handy Backup

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Read about how to back up with one more management tool that has all the features of phpMyAdmin - HeidiSQL backup.

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