Firefox Backup Bookmarks and History

Firefox backup is an operation allowing backing up Firefox history, bookmarks, pages and other data, to recover Firefox environment later. Handy Backup allows automating any backup tasks.

Handy Backup uses the standard Computer plug-in to backup Firefox settings and data, and to restore these data from a copy.

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Firefox Backup Bookmarks and History

Mozilla Backup Features of Handy Backup

Scheduling and Automating Operations

As a Firefox backup tool, Handy Backup allows automating any backup tasks. You can set a task to backup Firefox data to an exact time (with a repeating period from months to a minute), or to start by some event (such as plugging a USB drive related to a task).

Automatic Firefox Backup
Controlling Firefox Backup and Restore

Controlling Firefox Backup and Restore Methods

As a contrast to earlier Firefox backup software, such as Mozbackup, Handy Backup has a couple of advanced backup settings allowing making controlled, convenient backup. These methods include full, incremental, differential and mixed backup, versioning, time stamping, compression and encryption.

Storage Options

In addition to local backup, Handy Backup opens a possibility for Firefox online backup to some remote storage, including a commercial cloud (e.g., Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive), a cloud via WebDAV, an FTP storage (with a support for SFTP and FTPS), or just a remote drive or shared folder.

Firefox Backup Location

Additional Options for a Firefox Backup Program

Added to the features described above, these are some extra options making Handy Backup an efficient Firefox backup solution:

  • Running other programs before and/or after a task (for example, to stop Firefox before backup);
  • Starting as a Windows service (without an active interface window), to minimize distractions;
  • Reporting and logging task activities, with sending reports by email;
  • Cross-platform operations, allowing using Handy Backup natively under Linux.
Run Other Programs Before or After Firefox Backup

How to Backup Firefox with Handy Backup

To backup Firefox settings, history, bookmarks and other data, you must save a copy of a local Firefox folder. Handy Backup utilizes a standard "Computer" plug-in (which is available in any solution) to perform a Firefox backup.

  1. Start Handy Backup and open the new task wizard by clicking on a "New task" button/menu.
  2. Select a backup task on the Step 1, and proceed to the Step 2.
  3. Click on the "Computer" plug-in in the group "Local or Network Drives" on the left panel.
Specify Backup Set: Local or Network Drives

Note: You can use the "Network" plug-in instead, or select a machine from the drop-down list of available computers (for network editions only), to perform Firefox online backup.

  1. In a new window appearing, find and mark a Firefox folder with a checkbox.
Specify Backup Set: Firefox Backup

An advice: For Linux versions, this folder is often has a location at ~/.firefox.

  1. Click OK to return to the Step 2, and proceed to create a backup task as described in the User Manual. No any other step is specific to Firefox backup.

Comparing Handy Backup with Other Firefox Backup Program Tools

An obsolete Mozbackup tool has no scheduling, and different other Firefox backup addons often have such problems. In addition, there are almost no tools for Firefox backup containing a storage option other than a local drive and/or some dedicated cloud. Handy Backup is free from these problems!

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Version 8.5.3 , built on March 5, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

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