Free edition of Handy Backup for storing copies on Yandex.Disk

May 30, 2013

We have developed the freeware version of Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk that allows users to save copies to the popular cloud storage. Cloud backup has never been so easy!

You can download and register the program on this page: Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk.

Backup to Yandex.Disk with Handy Backup enables to synchronize and restore data from the cloud storage without installation of any other applications. Users can share files located on the cloud by coping and sending download links to each other.

The service provides 3 GB of cloud storage for free and you can enlarge the space to 10 GB and more by following simple instructions.

Take advantage from benefits of Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk:

  • Variety of data types: you can backup, synchronize and restore files, folders, Windows Libraries (for Windows 7 and 8), Outlook and 1C databases.
  • Synchronization: you can keep your data up to date on all your devices.
  • Instant access: you can download your files anytime from anywhere.
  • Assured protection: all data are transferred with encryption through secure protocols.
  • Easy to use: just download the freeware program from our website, register it with an automatically generated key, link up to Yandex.Disk account and enjoy!

The functionality of free edition could be extended by purchasing additional plug-ins for backing up other data types, including MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Don’t miss the opportunity to guard your data for free with Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk!

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