Product Overview

Disaster Recovery is a product of Handy Backup™ family that lets you to back up and restore data independently of your main operating system. If your computer fails, you can instantly load from a recovery flash drive and restore your data either to the original hard drive, or to a different place.

Bootable Disaster Recovery

The main idea behind Disaster Recovery is to enable users to perform system recovery by loading from a recovery drive and treating their primary HDD as a "cold" external media. The recovery drive includes following software components:

Technical Support and Updates

All registered users of Handy Backup are entitled to free support by e-mail, phone or Skype. If you experience any problems, or have any questions about our software, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance or send your feedback at

Our program is constantly updated and improved. To stay informed of the latest updates, please watch the product website at, or follow us on Twitter.

Multiplatform Solution

Basically, Disaster Recovery is a branch of Java Backup project, which aims at creating a platform-independent solution that can run on all systems supporting the Java software (including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris and other).


Designed with extensibility in mind, Disaster Recovery shares all concepts and techniques employed in the original Handy Backup (Windows and Linux versions).

It has a similar task-based, plug-in-driven architecture, where all backup and restore operations are initiated by creating and running the respective tasks.

The program is compatible with image-based backups created in Windows, but not with tasks (as of the first release in August, 2010).

Licensing Information

Registered users of Windows version of Handy Backup, excepting Standard and Free for Cloud editions, can register Disaster Recovery with the same registration number (since August, 2010).

For details, please see Registration in the User Manual.


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