Version 7.18: Email, MS SQL, Hyper-V Plug-Ins Updated

October 31, 2018

Dear friends! Let us tell you about a newest Handy Backup update to version 7.18.

The new version shows some crucial internal improvements, including a renewed E-mail Backup plug-in with even more efficient connection to different webmail services, a built-in compression algorithm for some application data belonging to such software as MS Exchange, MS SQL and MS Hyper-V, and a "non-password" connection to server.

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These improvements will add to stability, convenience and performance of Handy Backup when matters touch the areas of these improvements!

Principal Features of Version 7.18

Described shortly, all these features are "minor" improvements with "major" effect over the efficiency in some situations while certain circumstances will occur. Every of such improvements greatly enhance one of typical jobs for Handy Backup.

  • The renewed E-mail plug-in allows stable connection with even more IMAP mail servers.
  • The internal pipe compression for Microsoft apps allows compressing data to ZIP "on-the-fly".
  • Finally, now you can connect with a server even if your user account has no password!

With these improvements, a new Handy Backup 7.18 can simplify and speed up some of your backup and recovery jobs. Do not hesitate to update your current version immediately!

Learn more about IMAP Email Backup Tool.

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