Version 7.16: Updated Plug-ins for Email and Network

Email Backup to NAS

August 05, 2018

Dear customers! We are glad to present you the newest update 7.16 of Handy Backup. This new version contains the renewed E-mail plug-in for backup mail services via IMAP.

It also updates the Network plug-in, for faster and even more reliable connection to shared network resources. In addition, this renewed plug-in contains an advanced searching engine that allows finding a particular network location either by name or by an IP address.

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Network and Email Backup Plug-ins

Both of these plug-ins are at high demand among users, so we are constantly upgrading the algorithms for email and network backup. The new implementation is traditionally faster and a bit more efficient than earlier plug-ins. Still, both plug-ins preserve the simplicity and convenience of previous versions.

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Expanded Network Searching Engine

When you are using the Network plug-in, you can now find a particular resource either by name or by an IP address. Enter the IP sequence in a searching string, and then click "Find by Name/IP" to seek for an address. The program will find and show a resource with a provided IP.

Finding a particular network location either by name or by an IP address

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