Version 7.7.9: Renewed Hyper-V, Returning Triggers on Logon and Logoff

April 22, 2016

Dear friends! The Handy Backup team releases a new version 7.7.9 of our best-selling backup utility. In this version, we optimize the Hyper-V backup feature, rebuild a popular option of running tasks on system logon/logoff events, and completely renew a Czech localization.

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Version 8.1.2, built on 21 February 2020
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New Hyper-V Backup Feature


For the Hyper-V data source, we add some crucial options. Firstly, the renewed Hyper-V backup plug-in displays symbolic names of Hyper-V virtual machines instead of internal names. The second addition is a possibility of backing up Hyper-V configuration files with this tool.

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Fixing Logon and Logoff Triggers

We fix and upgrade the popular event triggers for running backup tasks: “Run on logon” and “Run after logoff”, allowing scheduling your backup or restoration tasks to system logon and logoff events. This option provides completely stable operations for your backup tasks by such events.

Renewing Czech Localization

From the version 7.7.9, we are refined the Czech interface of the program, making it to meet most modern requirements of Czech language. Now all the interface components and displayed messages are visually clear and simple to read for Czech users.

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