Version 7.8.8: Backblaze Service Plug-in

March 22, 2017

Backblase Backup Software

Dear customers! We are updating our ever-popular Handy Backup software solution to version 7.8.8. This new version contains a new dedicated plug-in for working with a popular Backblaze storage, a well-established and secure cloud service.

This new Backblaze plug-in allows utilizing Backblaze backup server functions for both making Backblaze account copies and using Backblaze as a storage for other data backups.

Backblaze Backup Plug-in Architecture and Capabilities

With a new Backblaze plug-in, a user can access a Backblaze account either as a backup storage or as a source of backup data. The plug-in also provides restoration of Backblaze backup content to any other place (including cloning Backblaze accounts).

Functional Compatibility

The Backblaze backup plug-in uses the standard Backblaze cloud API (application program interface) to access Backblaze data. It meets all the requirements provided by Backblaze (such as utilizing Backblaze backup threads to faster data access), as well as provides full compatibility with all security functions and additional instruments of Handy Backup.

Backup Backblaze Data

Local and Network Functions

With Handy Backup, a user can create Backblaze online backup tasks, including backing up Backblaze content to NAS units (such as Apple TimeCapsule), network and mapped drives, other clouds (say, backup Backblaze to Dropbox), FTP, or restoring Backblaze backup content from these network storages. It also supports backup on all types of local drives and external USB storages.

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