Version 8.0.2: Enhanced WebDAV and FTP, Renewed PostgreSQL Plug-in!

May 15, 2019

FTP and PostgreSQL Database Backup

Dear customers! Let us show a next update of our newest Handy Backup 8 software solution, called the version 8.0.2!

This version contains a renewed PostgreSQL plug-in with an advanced restore engine and a priority search for utilities in the PATH environment variable. Other plug-ins such as FTP Backup and WebDAV also has some enhancements, providing even more stability and speed.

In addition, the traditional "About Handy Backup" window now displays much more information than in earlier versions.

Enhancing PostgreSQL Plug-in

The renewed PostgreSQL plug-in now has a priority to seek utilities by paths prescribed in the PATH environment variable. It also has a new table restore engine that allows more correct recovery for PostgreSQL backup datasets.

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Optimizing Other Plug-ins

Traditionally, many plug-ins were renewed for the version 8.0.2, for enhancing quickness and efficiency of these plug-ins. For example, the FTP Backup plug-in has no more problems with recovering dropped connection, and an occasional problem with workstation crash for the WebDAV plug-in is also fixed.

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Advanced "About Handy Backup" Window

In addition to the version and licensing information that is traditional for "About Handy Backup" window, the new version provides also the information about current edition of Handy Backup in use and about all extra plug-ins purchased for this particular copy.

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