Version 8.3.2: Enhanced Plug-in Performance and Complete Czech Localization

October 07, 2021

Dear friends! You can download the next update of Handy Backup to version 8.3.2, which contains several enhancements for plug-in stability and efficiency, including the upgraded WebDAV Backup plug-in. As an addition, this new version contains an updated Czech localization for the graphical user interface (GUI).

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Version 8.5.0 , built on September 19, 2023. 116 MB

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Optimizing and Enhancing Plug-in Algorithms

Most of current updates in the version 8.3.2 are the internal plug-in optimizations, increasing data backup stability and performance. The renewed plug-ins allow increased speed and stability for data storage connections.

The most updated plug-in is the renewed WebDAV Backup tool, providing now some optimizations based on user feedback.

In addition, the Handy Backup 8.3.2 contains an updated GUI localization for Czech language.

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