Version 8.3: Renewed Leak-Proof Memory Engine and Setting Temporary Folders via GUI

May 20, 2021

Computer Backup Software

Dear friends! We just update our Handy Backup software to the version 8.3!

This new version removes all troubles with memory leaking for any quantity on information in process, regardless of data types. In addition, the new version contains an option to set up a path to workstation temporary folder just from the graphical user interface of Handy Backup, instead of modifying configuration files.

The Enhanced Memory Engine

The version 8.3 data backup solution uses a new memory allocation engine. Due to new functions and algorithms, this engine is leak-proof, regardless of data size processed by the program. The problem of memory leaking is typical for many Windows apps, but Handy Backup is free from it now!

Setting Up a Temporary Folder for Workstations

Previous versions of Handy Backup allow changing location of a temporary folder through modifying an XML configuration file for each workstation. For version 8.3, you can select a path to a temporary folder directly via the program interface (main control panel), instead of modifying a config file!

Setting Up a Temporary Folder for Workstations

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