SOS Online Backup Review from the Core

SOS online backup is a popular and even fashionable way of storing your data on the web. The main idea behind this concept is as follows: you copy your data to the protected servers at the net. Then it is being stored there and is available for download at any time of your need. There is a huge list of companies, which offer this kind of solutions: from Dropbox for kids to serious business private clouds, like Handy Backup Cloud service.

The reasons for this type of solutions being popular seem to be simple: one does not have to be concerned about any hardware for storage. A reported lack of safety issues also contributes to the popularity. But is this enough?

One has to be warned that different providers will give her different rates of safety, availability and (last but not the least!) usability. The results can be far from what has been expected, either in a good or bad way (check out a Symantec backup review out there). Let us have a look at what to consider when choosing your online data storing solution.

SOS Online Backup Review: Issues Coverage

One of the issues which some connect to SOS backup is a not-so-good performance in case of the consistent database data reserving. If you want to restore your copies in a working database, you need to copy not only the bases themselves, but also their settings, triggers and other parameters, which is tricky.

Some users report that their experience with SOS online backup did somehow remind them about all the poor customizable solutions out there. These programs are not suitable for the big companies. If you like the things to be done in your own way, the solutions of this kind are also, most likely, not for you.

Comparing SOS Backup with Other Services

The solutions like this one can certainly do their job in data protection. But why not to look after some alternative ways to store your data on the net?

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Contrary to the other services, which share the problems similar to the ones described in the review above, Handy Backup Cloud service is flexible, supports low-level data copying and large amounts of data (up to several TBs for one account). All this comes for a reasonable price.

By now, you can compare SOS online backup to the other services out there and find out what suits your needs best!

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