Backing Up HTC Dream

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Android-powered HTC Dream is an excellent example of how ideas about what mobile phone could look like can be realized successfully. HTC Dream phone has a slightly curved case to protect display from occasional touches and scraps and this design looks quite ergonomic and convenient. Mobile device by HTC has 3.2 display with touch-screen navigation. You can slide display to use the full five-row QWERTY keyboard with enough space between keys to write emails or chat comfortably.

Back up HTC Dream with Handy Backup

Handy Backup for Android is an easy-to-use and reliable utility to backup data from Android devices and to perform disaster recovery, when it is necessary. Program based on powerful architecture of well-known Handy Backup for PC and allows users to back up the following types of data:

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  • Contacts and email address book
  • SMS messages
  • Emails
  • Media files
  • Data from SD card

Use the QR code above to download Handy Backup for Android!

About HTC Dream

Android devices provide us with rich set of the most up-to-date online services and HTC Dream is not an exception. With this phone you can access Android market and use one-touch access to such online services as Gmail, YouTube, Google maps, Google talk, Calendar and Google search. In addition, you can take advantage of 3.2 megapixel camera and use it with Barcode Scanner software.

HTC Dream Backups

The more fancy services and features we have in mobile device, the more personal and valuable data we have to protect from dataloss cased by viruses, hardware or software errors, and deleting something important by mistake or mobile phone theft. Statistics show that the only effective way to protect such critical information in your mobile phone as contacts, messages and media files is to backup HTC Dream data to reliable storage.

Handy Backup for Android has a very user-friendly interface that lets you backup HTC Dream even if you are a novice user! In addition to local backups, the program can save your precious data to Online Backup Service provided by our company. With Handy Backup, you can schedule backup tasks to run automatically - just set them up and forget about them, because program is created to take care of your HTC Dream backups for you.

Handy Backup for Android is free at the moment, and any HTC Dream user can download it from Android Market to protect personal data. Use Handy Backup for Android and feel safe about your valuable HTC Dream information!


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