Back up Your Android Phone with Handy Backup for Android

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Android operating system for mobile phones, introduced by Google and the Open Handset Alliance in 2007, rapidly became on of the major players among operating systems for mobile devices. We created Handy Backup for Android to let people easily back up Android mobile phones, from common SD card files to device-specific data like contacts or SMS messages.

Handy Backup for Android is reliable and easy-to-use backup solution that completely takes care of your Android phone data. It has a comprehensible sweet-looking user interface and currently supports the following types of data:

  • Phone contacts *
  • Call logs
  • SMS messages
  • Data from SD card

* Handy Backup for Android saves backups of your contacts in vCard format, so you can easily use it later in Outlook or other messaging software.

The program is free and you can download it using the QR code below or through searching the Android market for "Handy Backup for Android".

Handy-Backing Up Android Phones

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What makes Handy Backup for Android so powerful is the original modular architecture taken from PC version of Handy Backup. The program’s core interacts with modules of two types: one defining what to back up and another one defining where to back up. This greatly eases for us, as developers, the process of developing and adding new types of data or destinations: at present we have modules for backing up four types of data (contacts, call logs, SMS and SD card) and modules for backing up to two destinations: SD card and >Online Backup.

Here are the modules and features that we are going to implement in the future, so you can do Android phone backups even more effectively:

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